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Kim with Bubba (many months after), she
helped him through the birthing process using
acupressure when he became stuck in the
birth canal and his mom stopped having
In Memory of Shadow
Animal Ease Therapies, LLC was formed by
Kim Bauer in January of 2005. Kim is a
Nationally Certified Practitioner having
passed the National Board for Animal
Acupressure and Massage exam
NBCAAM). A complete listing of her
qualifications can be found below.
Read about the benefits and reasons for
having an acupressure/massage session
for your animal.
Animal Ease Therapies, LLC
Kim Bauer

Hood River Valley, OR
Kim Bauer, Large & Small Animal Acupressure & Massage Practitioner - Animal Ease Therapies, LLC
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Animal Ease Therapies, LLC
Kim with her three horses, Diego, Gato,
Traveller (l to r)
Hear from some of Kim's clients.
Classes taken

As an animal acupressure and massage practitioner I feel it is important to
continue to study and learn so I can expand and improve my skills. Below are
the classes I have taken over the years. By combining the material from the
classes and working with my clients on a daily basis, I have been able to
grow as a practitioner. I feel very fortunate to have studied with some
amazing instructors and animals and I look forward to learning more!

                      Animal Acupressure Training & Certification

Hands on Horse Care with Diana Thompson
-Hands on Horse Care, Parts 1,2,3  – June '99
-Hands on Horse Care, Parts 1,2,3 (hosted) – July '00
Bach Flower Essences & Focus Training for Horses  – Nov '00
-Equine Foundation Acupressure Course – Fall '04

Tallgrass Animal Acupresure Institute
-Equine Acupressure Practitioner - June '05
-Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner - June '05
-Tui Na with
Dr. Shauna Cantwell – July '09
-Fascial Energetics with
Mike Scott – July '10

                      Animal Massage Training & Certification

Northwest School of Animal Massage
-Large Animal Massage Practitioner  – Jan '05
-Small Animal Massage Practitioner  – June '05
-Equine Manual Ligament Therapy - April '14
-Advanced Equine Manual Ligament Therapy - Aug '14

                      Other Courses Taken
Chi Institute
-Equine Veterinary Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Intro – Oct '08
-Sm An. Veterinary Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Intro – Oct ‘08

Dr. Eleanor Kellon
-Equine Neurological & Muscle Disorders  – Feb. '09
-Equine Cushing’s & Insulin Resistance  – March '09

Patricia Kortekaas/Full Spectrum Canine Therapy
-Osteopathic Approach for Sm. An, Functional Indirect Techniques - Jan '11
-K9 Craniosacral/Funct Indirect Tech/Neuro Integrational Gait Patterns-Oct'11
-Rule of the Canine Artery, Vascular Techniques - Dec '11

Madalyn Ward, DVM
-Horse Five Element Temperament Typing Level 1 & Level 2  – Jan '11
Certified Horse Typologist

Equinology - Kerry Ridgway, DVM
-Clinical Reasoning for the Equine Health Care Professional – Nov '11

Dr. Deb Bennett, Equine Studies Institute
-Full Body Equine Anatomy (with wet lab) & Biomechanics - Feb '14

Equine Quantum Healing - Suzan Seelye, DVM
-The Art of Healing, Apprenticeship Immersion, Level 1 - Nov '14

-Equi-Taping Methods & Strategies - July '15

                                      Positions held
1. Instructor for Northwest School of Animal Massage (June '05 - present)
2. Lead Instructor for Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute (June '05-Sept '15)
3. Adjunct Faculty in Equine Studies & Complementary Therapies Program,  
Hocking College (2010-2013)
4. NBCAAM Board member (2010-present, Chair for 2 years)
5. Presenter at Equine Affaire - Massachusetts 2013